The Fearful Adventurer

So this is the part where I dive into long and detailed accounts of daring adventures and endless happy days right? Well hold on, this isn’t my facebook wall circa 2013 and I’m not trying desperately to make my life seem better than yours. No, this is a story of what actually happened when I “followed my dreams”. And you know what actually happened in that first week of my whirlwind adventure? N o t h i n g.

Now, this would be a very short story if nothing happened ever, so don’t worry, there are plenty of crazy and daring adventures, and happy ‘I’ll remember these for the rest of my life’ moments. But real life doesn't happen like it does in the movies (or on your friends facebook walls). 

Unsurprisingly, after packing up my entire life, moving to a different continent, starting a new job, friendless and alone, having left all that I knew and loved back home, I was feeling slightly more ‘HOLY SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE’ and a lot less socially adept and adventurous. 

That first week was spent within my safety zone aka the boundaries of the hotel. I saw no further than the view from my balcony, and stepped no farther than round the corner to empty the bins. I was like an animal being released into the wild for the first time after a life in safe captivity; cautious, uncertain and much happier staying behind the bars, thank you. 

There was morning shifts cleaning the courtyard, manning reception and greeting guests, afternoon shifts changing sheets, cleaning toilets and mopping floors and evenings spent curled up on my balcony or in a corner of the courtyard, kindle in hand, legs propped up against the wall catching the sun, candles and incense sticks slowly burning and crunchy petals falling from the trees above me. 

I wasn’t going outside, and I wasn’t having those grand adventures that I thought everyone else would expect me to be having, but I was still in Egypt and at Alf Leila that’s a little bit like being in heaven. Basically, my point is, don’t let the expectations of what you think having a good time looks like, get in the way of the good time that you’re actually having. Because you can totally be a timid little loser in the corner reading by yourself and still be having a nice time.

To Be Continued...