I'm Molly, a 23-year-old Scottish girl, living in a little old house in the Kingdom of Fife. I'm a biologist in training, writer, photographer and explorer at heart. Drinker of herbal tea, collector of postcards, house plants and never-ending nostalgia. Fan of lazy mornings spent curled around books, afternoon museum adventures and fangirling all over the internet.

For six months, the winter of 2013/2014, I lived in the little seaside town of Dahab in Egypt. I spent my days scrubbing guest rooms and manning reception in the prettiest little hotel in the whole of Egypt the world, playing with our black and white kitten Daisy, eating far too much cake from the bakery next door, lazing around in the sun and playing in the sea.

And when I wasn't doing any of that I was climbing through canyons, across deserts and up holy mountains in the middle of the night. Narrowly escaping arrest for overstaying my welcome, exploring abandoned hotels, ancient tombs and temples, laughing with wonderful strangers and making a future best friend.

And now, two years later, I'm digging up my old photographs, journals and scrapbooks and finally, finally writing it all down. This is the story of how I ran away to Egypt at 20 years old, away from my hometown, my job in a bank call centre, and my college drop out, former self. Read from the beginning here.